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Meet the Prophets

The Moonshine Prophets are a classic rock (some country) cover band in Minnesota dedicated to music spanning the 1960's to the 2000's. Our Influences range from the Rolling Stones, Green Day and GNR to Charlie Daniels and Little Big Band.

We have been rocking the Twin Cities for years and have a strong following of supporters. You supply the venue, and the Moonshine Prophets will supply the party.


Lisa on Vocals

Lisa comes from a musical family. At the early age of 8 Lisa started her singing career with the local choir in her hometown of Eau Claire Wisconsin. They travelled throughout the state singing for charity and community events. As Lisa got into her teens, she was recruited by her Dad's band that played the bar scene throughout greater Wisconsin. Lisa would energize the crowds with her renditions of classic rock songs and country favorites. The experience of singing for the crowd hooked Lisa, and she study music and jazz vocals in college. After several years hiatus from the music scene to start a family, Lisa is singing with the Moonshine Prophets and entertaining crowds wherever she goes.


Sara on Vocals

Sara “Tuney” Nystuen

Sara (Tuney) joins us as an experienced vocalist with a three octave range which developed over her 35 year vocal career. Sara sang in school choirs and ensemble groups from elementary grades through high school, eventually landing a vocal scholarship with the University of Minnesota. She performed with the Symphonic Chorus there until she transferred to Concordia St. Paul, performing many roles in their musical theater department. Continuing in that vein, Sara pursued musical theater locally and nationally, and had many varied opportunities in singing, choreography, and directing as well as appearing in a handful of films before gigging with the band StarFish and Morning Glory, both out of the Twin Cities.  After playing for some years while working in education as a teacher, and entering the world of parenting, Sara decided to return to  “band life” with the Moonshine Prophets and is excited to be performing again.

About Us


Todd - Bass Guitar

Todd is a veteran of the Twin Cities Rock Scene. He is a multi instrumentalist who can switch from drums to Guitars to Bass depending on what the band needs, we are fortunate to having Todd driving the rhythm and beat for the Moonshine Prophets


Rick - Drums

like the steady beat of a heart, Dave keeps the band on pace and is the heart and soul of our drive. He’ll keep you rockin.


Chris - guitar/Vocals


Chris got the urge to pick up the guitar at the age of 12 when he stumbled upon a Led Zeppelin album. Cashing in his his lawn mowing profits, he bought his first guitar and has been chording and riffing ever since. In addition to playing with the Moonshine Prophets’ Chris also writes and records his own music.